4th of July is Coming and Who Needs a Photographer…Better Yet How to Capture Those Images?





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Photography on the 4th of July

Just how do you photograph a firework explosion? Well, when it comes to a fireworks show, it will require plenty of planning and anticipation of what you will need. Despite the fact that a fireworks display is a pre-planned event, that spectacular moment when the fireworks explode while flying is still a split second when everything has to work right so that you can get the perfect photograph.


Now clearly, there are some equipment issues which may have to be prepared to have your camera not only placed and ready but at the proper configuration for capturing that second when all glory emerges above. So from an equipment stand point…


  1.  A tripod. The activity of the fireworks is so dramatic that unless you stabilize your camera, the shot will be blurred and unacceptable for you and whoever you may want to sell it to. The tripod should be easily transportable and adaptable so you can make adjustments on the fly.


  1.  A shutter release that functions externally.


  1.  Equipment to work at night as that is when your subject is going to occur. You can get a head mounted torch at any camping store so you can guide the light at the camera and still have both hands free to manage your equipment.


  1.   A lightweight chair as you will have some waiting time. Anything else that can assist you ride out the time such as food, drinks, music etc. should also be part of your preparations.


Because the fireworks explosion is sudden and fast, you need to be able to adapt the shutter speed and have the camera arranged to react to manual focus so you can use your eyes and ears to determine when to snap that shot.


The key to a great or a series of great fireworks images is location. You need a location that has an exceptional vantage point view of the point of the heavens where the most action will take place. {This implies that you may need to take a position on top of a building or on a hill away from crowds of people that come to see the show. This is not going to be easy to find so start early. It is not out of series to “scope out” where you are going to set up days in advance and arrive hours before the show to secure that location is all yours.


Experience is going to be one of your best educators as to not only the right location but how to set your camera focus and shutter release speeds and how to position the view from the secured location so you can capture the sky at the moment of explosion. So find ways to do some practice shoots at other fireworks displays before you set out to do the “keeper” shot. Many times minor league baseball games have fireworks shows and they would happily let you take photographs of the show in exchange for a few of those free shots. That is one easy way you can experiment with your experiment and get your bearings before committing to a much larger project.


Once the show gets underway, anticipate the explosion that you want for capturing. Don’t take so many during the first five minutes of the show but use that time to verify that you have the right sky location scouted. The best times to capture the shot are right before the explosion which you may be able to time by the sound of the rocket going up and the expected time before eruption.


With some experience you will begin to get your bearings about where and when to snap that perfect image and when you finish, you will have some spectacular shots to include with your portfolio or to display freely online to lead to even more work taking photos of other events in the future.

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